5 Fabulous Watchdogs For Apartment Living

5 Fabulous Watchdogs For Apartment Living

A home security system offers immeasurable benefits. When you couple it with man’s best friend, your apartment is nearly impermeable.

Dogs not only bark and alert neighbors, they also bite. In fact, according to highclassk9.com when asked “What would scare you away from a residence more than anything?” over one third of convicted burglars said “almost any dog.” Plus burglars are looking to get in and out of your apartment quickly; dealing with a dog slows them down and increases the chance they’ll get caught.

Want to boost apartment security? Learn about five dogs that make perfect apartment companions and excellent watchdogs.

Watchdogs for Apartments

1. Dachshund: faithful, reliable and loud.

A member of the Hound family, a Dachshund has short legs, a long body and usually weigh less than 30 pounds. Dachshunds usually have a playful disposition and live to be 13-15 years old. Their small size, reputation as exceedingly loyal dogs, and their distrust of strangers make them fabulous watch dogs. Your Local Security identifies the Dachshund as a good watch dog because of its loud bark, but warns that the petite canine can be a bit difficult to train and aggressive toward children. The Dachshund would make a wonderful companion for an elderly person who lives alone, but is not for a family with young ones.

2. Scottish Terriers: confident, family friendly, playful

Scottish Terriers (often called Scotties) are feisty, smart dogs that have coarse coats and usually weigh less than 20 pounds. Scotties are known to be territorial, smart, confident and cautious of strangers, which are all excellent qualities in a watchdog. They also have a piercing bark. Their small stature makes them great for apartment living, but they do require lots of play and firm discipline. Exceedingly loyal to their owner and good-natured, a Scottish Terrier makes a wonderful protector for those who live in an apartment, especially with children.

3. Poodle: playful, smart and easy to teach

Poodles are divided into three sizes: toy, miniature and standard. Standard Poodles are the largest in the Poodle family and as such don’t make ideal apartment companions. Toy and Miniature Poodles are best for apartments. Because of their lightheartedness, Poodles are often overlooked as watchdogs. But according to Your Local’s Best Guard Dogs chart, Poodles make first-rate watchdogs because they are smart, easy to train and very territorial. They also have a loud bark. If you’re considering getting a Poodle, you should know that they desire lots of attention, and if they don’t get it they’ll get themselves into trouble. If you’re away from home a lot, a Poodle might not be the best protector for you. On the other hand, a Poodle can be a wonderful companion for children and guard them as well.

4. Chihuahua: protective, aggressive, devoted

Don’t let their size fool you; Chihuahuas make fabulous watchdogs. The alertness, small size and light weight of a Chihuahua make it a great watchdog for elderly or handicap owners who would have a hard time caring for a larger or heavier dog, and their smooth coats require minimal maintenance. They’ve earned a reputation as a wonderful watchdog because they are aggressive, suspicions, innately protective and exceptionally loyal. They won’t hesitate to growl or bark if they sense trouble. Chihuahuas enjoy a long lifespan (10 to 18 years) and have been known to take on the temperament of their owner. Chihuahuas are perfectly happy being indoor dogs. They make wonderful apartment protectors, but they aren’t recommended for families with young children or hyper children.

5. Miniature Schnauzer: alert, clever, lively

Miniature Schnauzers make excellent apartment protectors: They distrust strangers, they’re very territorial, and they want please their owner. Unlike many dogs who bark at random, when a Miniature Schnauzer barks, there’s a usually a good reason. The breed began in Germany in the mid to late 19th century, and was primarily used as a farm dog to kept rats and other rodents out of barns. Today it’s the 11th most popular breed in America, and its obedient, highly trainable and intelligent nature have earned it recognition by Your Local as an ideal watchdog. Miniature Schnauzers usually weigh less than 20 pounds, live 10-15 years and enjoy playing with children.

Before you purchase or adopt a dog, you’ll want to carefully review your apartment lease. Some apartment complexes forbid dogs altogether, while some prohibit specific dog breeds. Nearly all developments will restrict the size of the dog based on weight.