You can’t have a party without music. While that’s often easily solved when you’re having a party indoors, being outside, especially in the summer months, is ideal for most shindigs, large or small. However, thanks to technology making everything in our lives easier and more distracting, portable, wireless speakers have been invented, allowing music to be take with you virtually wherever you go—like on the patio or yard where the majority of your friends are hanging out. Below are some of the best portable wireless speaker systems and portable Bluetooth speakers on the market, along with what you’ll be spending on them.

Portable Bluetooth Speakers


Jambox - $100 total

This rectangular speaker that can fit into a backpack has become one of the most popular wireless and Bluetooth enabled speaker systems on the market. It can sync to smart phones and MP3 players alike from distance of up to 20 feet or so, playing music with a relatively high quality. While it’s not as crisp as a record player or top notch surround sound speakers in a living room, Jambox will deliver all the music you need for an outdoor gathering in a backyard, on a patio or sitting out by a pool.

iHome iDM12 - $75 total

For a speaker that is only about seven inches in length, it packs one heck of a lot of sound. The lightweight option for portable speakers, the iHome iDM12 is one of the best with nicely balanced sound and works seamlessly with Bluetooth systems. It has enough sound to fill a small room with whatever you want to play.

Kinyo MS-305 - $15 total

While the sound quality may be slightly compromised by the small size of the speaker at two inches across, this device plugs directly into your phone without a cord. It’s also incredibly sturdy, allowing it to literally be tossed around, dropped or bounced on the ground. It’s also only fifteen bucks, meaning you could buy a couple of them and not even come close to the cost of most portable speakers.

JBL - $120 total

From the excellent speaker manufacturer JBL, the Top-Notch speakers produce what critics have called the best sound quality out there from wireless speakers on the market. It’s only six inches across but has more speakers to it’s circular shape than most, allowing it to fuel a dance off when turned all the way up or soothe a romantic dinner when turned low in the middle of a candlelit table.

iHome iHM61 - $22 total

For a portable speaker that you really just want for yourself and maybe one other person, check out the iHM61 from iHome. It provides flashing lights as well as decent sound within a small area, making it ideal for the right people in the right environments. While these aren't big party area speakers, they will work great for sound in bedrooms or bathrooms to change the mood.

What are your favorite portable bluetooth speakers?