In the past few years, Chicago has become the home to a delicious confectionery treat. Its origins are in France; it’s fried and delicious; it rhymes with fo-fut. That’s right, it’s doughnut season in Chicago, and they’re in full bloom. Though there are many shops offering up these delectable treats and in an abundance of flavors, only one reigns supreme.

The Doughnut Vault

The Doughnut Vault, located at 401 N Franklin St, Chicago, IL 60654 just north of the Merchandise Mart, is the epicenter of the doughnut craze. Revered. Cornucopias. Legendary. These are the words that come to mind when I think about the Vault. This literal whole-in-the-wall mecca has, without a doubt, the best doughnut in Chicagoland area (and perhaps the USA). Glazed and Infused makes a great doughnut; Firecakes is great as well; But the Vault makes these places’ offerings taste like paper. It’s a life-changing experience to savor one of the Vaults tasty fried treats, but not only are their doughnuts the BOMB, their operations policy is dope. This place opens at 8:00 AM Tuesday-Friday and 9:00 AM Saturday, and they sell doughnuts until they run out. After that, the people still waiting in line(there’s always people in line) just have to come back the next morning. People usually start arriving at the Vault’s hallowed sidewalk patio an hour before opening, and lines of 50-60 people are not uncommon.

This glorious place shells out golden fried dough 5-days a week. They operate a regular menu with two daily specials. Their everyday assortment consists of old fashioned buttermilk, regular glazed, chocolate glazed, chestnut glazed, and a gingerbread stack. They open and start selling doughnuts. They have two daily specials. One is a filled doughnut. The other, oh the other. The other daily special ranges from a cookies and cream filled cake doughnut to a pistachio nut buttermilk old fashion to a strawberry shortcake old fashioned. Everything they put out is just delicious. This place will change your life. Be careful.

If you live anywhere in or near Chicago, you must plan a pilgrimage to the Vault, pay your respects by waiting in line, plan out your order the night before, and then savor each and every bite of these tasty tasty treats; or just devour them. Either way, get there early.