You've seen it all over Pinterest: Ampersand art in living rooms, bedrooms and as décor at weddings. It’s a symbol of unity, and brings us back to the days of journalists and Times New Roman being the main font you read, the days of reading novels on real, hard paper instead of a Kindle. Give this as a gift, or keep it for yourself!

Ampersand Wall Art

This tutorial will help you create ampersand art that is unique and bright. Feel free to substitute colors to make it fit your home (or, if you’re giving it as a gift, whatever color you’d like!). You can even substitute a letter to create monogrammed wall art. The best thing about this method is that it will always match your home and surroundings. Because the symbol itself is clear, you can place any fabric, magazine clipping or picture behind it to show through.

Ampersand Wall Art

Materials Needed:

  • Large sheet of Acrylic Transparency (The size and thickness are up to you. This tutorial features a sheet that is ¼ inch thick)

  • Spray Paint (Any color. This tutorial uses bright blue)

  • Computer, Printer & Paper

  • Masking Tape

  • Exacto Knife

Ampersand Wall Art


  • Cover the acrylic sheet with masking tape. Note that you only need to cover the area where you will be placing the ampersand, but it won’t hurt if you cover a larger area.

Ampersand Wall Art

  • On a computer, type an & sign and enlarge it. Make your page margins as small as possible, then continue enlarging the size of the symbol until you find the largest possible font size that the page can hold. Depending on your chosen font, this can differ. In this tutorial, we used Times New Roman.

  • Cut a circle around the symbol, leaving at least an inch or two on all sides. Then, use clear tape to tape it to the acrylic sheet where you would like the ampersand to appear.

Ampersand Wall Art

  • Next, use an exacto knife to cut around the outside of the ampersand, getting as close to the exact edges of the symbol as possible.

  • Carefully peel away the outside tape and paper, leaving only the masking tape in the shape of your ampersand symbol.

Ampersand Wall Art

  • Spray-paint a few layers of paint on top of the entire acrylic sheet. We did four coats of spray-paint, waiting at least three hours in between. A word of caution for amateur spray-painters: If paint is coming out, your hand must be moving! To avoid consistency issues, be sure to never pause or focus on one part of the sheet. Just sway back and forth!

Ampersand Wall Art

  • Once all spray-paint has fully dried, carefully peel off the tape to reveal the clear symbol.

  • Use a hot glue gun to hang a wire or saw tooth picture hanger on the back.

  • Hang as-is, with a clear, see-through symbol, or tape fabric or magazine excerpts behind to show through! The possibilities are endless.

This is a guest post from Carly Taylor. Carly blogs at Createlive, where she writes about living creatively through food, fitness, home improvement and DIY decor.