If you haven’t come up with the perfect Halloween costume yet, there’s still time to put together something creative without taking the easy way out and buying a $50 costume in a bag. Pick your favorite pop culture reference from the list below and follow the steps to make this year’s costume one to remember:

Katniss Everdeen: Dressing as the Hunger Games heroine is all about the accessories. Green or brown cargo pants and a shirt of the same color will work for the base of your outfit. To make a bow and arrow, attach toilet paper or paper towel rolls end to end with a heavy-duty string, rope or giant rubber band for the bow. The arrow can be made out of a dowel rod with cardboard covered in tin foil for the point and feathers at the other end. The finishing touch is the mockingjay pin – print out a picture from the internet or make your own out of cardboard spray-painted gold.

Source: HungerGamesTrilogy.net

Pregnant or Mom Snooki: Being a character from Jersey Shore isn’t a new idea this year, but you can keep the reference fresh by adding a baby bump or baby doll to the signature Snooki look – tight, shiny clothes, orange skin, excessive makeup and a massive poof.

Gangnam Style: This costume requires almost no crafting, but to truly pull it off you’ll need to take the time to learn some of the dance moves from the YouTube sensation. Just don a blue blazer, black bowtie and shades and be ready to dance on command. Having the song ready to play at all times is a must.

Honey Boo Boo: This one might be funnier to see a guy do, rather than a girl who wants to look cute on Halloween. Perfect the pageant princess look with a tutu, tiara, sash and trophy and learn some of her signature catchphrases: you’d better redneckognize, a dollar makes me holler and biscuit. Bonus point for carrying around a baby pig.

Kim & Kanye: This year’s hottest pair makes for a great couples costume. Kim just needs some slick straight hair, a designer outfit and a little extra padding in the back, and Kanye can rock the signature white-striped shades and carry around a big microphone made out of a toilet paper roll painted black and a ball of tinfoil.

Binders Full of Women: The ultimate, Mitt Romney-inspired, group costume can be achieved with some cardboard or posterboard fashioned into binders. Wear whatever you want underneath and affix shoulder straps to your binders to wear them like sandwich boards, then decorate them however you’d like – Lisa Frank-style, with a picture of Big Bird or your favorite Romney quotes.

What's your favorite Halloween costume?