Easy Craft Ideas: Make Your Own Quilt

Dressing up your home is easy when you use quilts. They’re expensive to buy, though. Make your own quilt, and save money, celebrate an art form and stay warm and cozy in your apartment.

Make Your Own Quilt

Choose a Size

How big do you want your quilt to be? Maybe you want it to cover your bed or decorate your mantel. Before buying fabric or any tools, you must choose a size.

Pick a Fabric

While quilts are colorful, you can’t rely on color alone when you pick fabric. Consider choosing cotton fabrics because they’re easy to work with, and avoid difficult synthetic, knit or stretch fabrics. The optimal fabric should also be colorfast with a tight weave that’s strong and sturdy enough for everyday use but not too difficult to sew.

Next, think about where you’ll display the quilt. Consider colors that match your curtains if you plan to use the quilt in your bedroom. Use floral fabric if you want to hang the piece in your living area. For versatility, use a solid fabric on the back so you can reverse the quilt to change up your apartment’s décor.

If you want to sew an heirloom quilt, use fabric from special clothing. Your father’s ties, your daughter’s baby clothes or your grandmother’s handkerchiefs can anchor your quilt and determine the colors you choose for the rest of the piece.

Buy the Right Tools

Whether you buy a quilt kit or work from scratch, you’ll need a few tools including:

  • Template

  • Fabric markers

  • A long armed quilting machine

  • Needles for the machine and hand stitching

  • Pins and thimbles

  • Quilting hoop and frame

  • Thread

  • Rotary cutter and board

  • Batting

Sew the Fabric

The quilting process takes tons of time, but it’s a good project for long winter nights or when the weather’s too hot to be outside. Invite your friends to help, and speed up the process.

To assemble your quilt, follow your chosen template. It determines the size and shape of the fabric squares you’ll cut. Use your tools to sew the quilt’s top. Once it’s finished, attach the batting and the backing. Now you’re ready to secure the top to the back. You can sew it by hand with small or big stitches or tie it together.

Display Your Quilt

Now that you've finished your quilt, prominently display it. Place full sized quilts on your bed, folded over the back of your sofa or hung it on a chair in your guest room. You can also hang large quilts as room dividers or closet doors.

Smaller quilts decorate your entryway wall, serve as placemats on your table or decorate your bedroom dresser. You could also hang these smaller pieces on your front door and welcome guests to your comfortable home.

Quilts add comfort, warmth and coziness to your apartment. When you sew your own, you save money and decorate your home with modern artwork. Homemade quilts are a great way to express yourself and enhance your home.