Host a Grammy Awards Party in Your Apartment

The wildest night of fashion is on the brink! Nope, I’m not talking about the Oscars, I’m talking about the Grammys! Because let’s face it, the red carpet at the Grammys sees a whole lot more skin and craziness than any other award show.

Host a Grammy Party

To celebrate this year’s 55th annual celebration on February 10, why not host a party at your place? You've got the show to do most of the entertaining for you so there’s not much else you need to have a fab night with your favorite friends. Consider these three fun add-ons and you’re set!

Rock the Vote. Create a soundtrack for the biggest awards of the night. Play the soundtrack during your pre-show happy hour and have your friends vote for who they want to win by ballot card. For example, for the Song of the Year category you’ll need to download all of the songs nominated (Call Me Maybe, Adorn, The A Team, Stronger, and We Are Young). Announce the category, give your friends a voter’s ballot card with the nominees, play the songs, vote, collect and hold on. See whose choices end up the real winners! View all the nominees on the Grammys website. Take it up a notch by having a cheesy gift ready for the winner or use iTunes gift certificates or CDs as prizes.

Tweet All About It. Make a twitter handle dedicated to the red carpet fashion. You and your friends can take turns being Joan Rivers and tweeting the fashion play-by-plays. Make it into a contest of who gets the most retweets. And hey, while you’re at it, tweet to us at @AptsCom how your party is going! Take it up a notch by trying to get Joan Rivers to retweet your work! (@Joan_Rivers)

Happy Hour. Devise your menu based on your favorite artists. How about the Rihanna Rum Runner? Or the Coldplay Caipirinha? Make sure you tweet your new concoctions too – you just  may start a new trend! Take it up a notch by having an accompanying hors d’oeuvre (Katy Perry Onion Poppers anyone?)

This is a guest post from Courtney Lochner. Courtney writes for Glamour Magazine, Société Perrier, Europe From a Backpack Travel Guides, The Budget Fashionista and much more. Based out of Chicago she is is also frequently found in Paris, Krakow or Rio and almost always, with a glass of wine in hand. Follow her @courtneylochner.