Recycling is a great way to help sustain the earth, but sometimes the hardest part is deciding where to begin. Fortunately, we have you covered with some helpful information on how to start recycling in your apartment.



Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Research recycling programs. Check out the recycling programs in your city or in your apartment building. Many landlords or apartment buildings may already have a recycling system in place for you to take advantage of. If your apartment doesn't have a recycling program, feel free to contact your landlord, or your city, for resources to get you started.

  2. Create space for your recycling bins. Locate a convenient place in your apartment to keep the recycling bins that won’t take up too much space. We suggest keeping your recycling close to your trash bins, so you can easily sort through what can be recycled. If you're lacking space in your apartment to store bins, try using reusable tote bags to store recyclables on a spare doorknob or underneath your sink.

  3. Decide what to recycle. Sometimes deciding what can actually be recycled is a challenge. There are helpful charts online you can reference to remind you what can be recycled or tossed in the trash. Another trick is to look at the bottom of the item for the recyclable symbol.

  4. Locate a drop off center for recycling. After you've collected your recyclables you can take them to your apartment's recycle bins or find the nearest recycle drop off center in your city.

  5. Clean your recycle bins. Remember to regularly clean out your recycle bins with hot water and a cleaning solution to eliminate odors in your apartment.

  6. Stay educated and updated on recycle events in your city. If you have a pile of personal documents or catalogues, many cities offer a free events for free paper shredding or recycling those electronics collecting dust in your apartment. You can also research drop-offs to recycle old electronics.

We hope these tips are helpful in establishing a recycle program in your apartment.