The germiest places in your apartment may surprise you. So read this and weep, people! Er, actually, don’t weep, just clean!

Germs in Your Apartment

1. The Kitchen Sink. Believe it or not the kitchen sink is usually full of far more bacteria than your toilet. That’ll have you think next time you set your lettuce into it.

So what do you do? Disinfect three times a week. Seem like a lot? Then buy pre-made wipes like Seventh Generation’s disinfectant wipes. And if you plan on running water on things like raw chicken, let’s hope you’re disinfecting immediately after that, too.

2. Sponges. Can you say petri dish of bacteria? Good, ‘cause that’s what your sponges are.

So what do you do? Always squeeze sponge out after use, don’t let them sit around holding a lot of water. Keep them in a safe, dry spot, don’t let them sit in the sink, bathtub, etc. Finally, replace monthly. Yep, monthly – or more depending on how often you use them.

3. Bed Sheets. Bed bugs exist and if you want nightmares, then Google-Image search them. Let’s hope you’re not like my husband who—before I came along, thought washing his sheets twice a year was fine.

So what do you do? Wash your sheets once a week on high heat. The heat will kill the germs and offer a nice pressed feeling to them too. As for pillowcases – you can up that washing to 2-3 times a week (especially in warm months) and of course, replace your mattress every five years or so. In addition, never set public items on your bed. This includes your purse, suitcase, work ID badge, jeans you wore to work, etc.

4. About that Purse…or laptop, where hasn't it been? Don’t answer that, you don’t want to know. The same way you’d disinfect your sink you can do with your purse or laptop bag.

So what do you do? Wipe it down with disinfectant wipes and if you’re worried because you have a delicate material, have it dry-cleaned. And, as mentioned above, don’t go setting it all over your apartment!

5. Your Computer. I can see a lot of junk in my laptop…mainly croissant crumbs. What I can’t see is the real problem though.

So what do you do? Wipe down your computer once a week with monitor/keyboard wipes and air-pressurized dusters.

This is a guest post from Courtney Lochner. Courtney writes for Glamour Magazine, Société Perrier, Europe From a Backpack Travel Guides, The Budget Fashionista and much more. Based out of Chicago she is is also frequently found in Paris, Krakow or Rio and almost always, with a glass of wine in hand. Follow her @courtneylochner.