Quiz! What’s Your Apartment Personality?

Trouble narrowing down your apartment options? More than one apartment speaking to you—as in, I’m the one! Or is your lease ending soon and the thought of finding another apartment scaring you?

What's Your Apartment Personality?

Or do you just love quizzes? Then take this one to find out what your apartment personality is.

1. If I had to choose, this is the one thing I could NOT live without:

A. Balcony/terrace
B. Amenities like a gym/pool
C. Hotspot location
D. Extra space

2. What’s most important in the following list:

A. Easy access to outside for pets or fresh air
B. Parking with garage
C. Close to public transit
D. Close to parks

3. My style can best be defined as:

A. Earth tones, relaxed and tranquil
B. A Pottery Barn or Crate & Barrel catalog
C. Mod-chic
D. Simplistic and comfortable

4. As far as neighbors are concerned, I:

A. Have my friends so don’t really care
B. Nice to have neighbors but we don’t need to be besties
C. I like having a hip community around
D. The less neighbors, the better, I like it quiet!

5. When the toilet overflows I:

A. Better find out who runs this place…
B. Will call my landlord who is on speed dial
C. Will call the concierge—what the heck do I do?
D. Might just fix it myself

6. As far as security is concerned:

A. Open to the street is fine by me
B. I’d rather be in a larger building with security
C. 24 hour concierge and doorman please!
D. Um…I’ll just lock the door.

7. When friends visit my place, I want them to think:

A. Awesome view!
B. What a cool apartment complex!
C. Location, location, location, you win!
D. It’s so relaxing here

Tally up your letters.

Mostly As:
You’re a free spirit and don’t like to be confined into a space without easy access out! You need an apartment that has a nice open balcony or terrace and one that won’t have you on 50 floors by elevator before you’re outside. You like a nice view from your windows whether of the city or forest. Your style tends to err on the chill side rather than following every trend to come from the interior design realm. You’re best off getting a place with a little extra square footage than one with cool amenities as you’re active and social and will make do with the great outdoors outside.

  • Verdict: Get off the beaten path in order to score a great balcony or terrace. Consider a walk-up or a complex in a suburb/outskirt neighborhood.

Mostly Bs:
You’re a Type A who likes upgraded—everything! You should look at apartments with nice gyms or a pool, upgraded appliances and onsite management. To get this you should settle for an up-and-coming neighborhood or at least off the beaten path, you’re not going to get everything you want in the center of it all, but you’ll be happier as long as you can wash and dry your clothes in nice new appliances and in your own space, so it’s worth it!

  • Verdict: Check out up-and-coming neighborhoods where properties have upgraded everything in order to pull tenants in.

Mostly Cs:
You like action, nightlife and checking out what’s hot and new on the scene. You enjoy entertaining and tend to decorate with a flair for interior design. If it looks like it could be on a magazine cover, then it’s most likely your apartment! You want to be in the center of it though so you’re going to have to kiss goodbye that extra space and settle for something tight –maybe even consider a studio. But hey, when you live in the hottest zip code in town, who cares?

  • Verdict: Look at high rises in your favorite neighborhood but be OK with less space and consider a studio.

Mostly Ds:
The words high and rise might make your skin crawl. You tend to be an outdoorsy type who likes to take advantage of parks and recreation. Your apartment should compliment this lifestyle by being close to outdoor spaces so that you don’t feel stuffed in. Opt for apartments on the edge of town so you get more space and faster access to the local lake or forest preserve. You can choose a smaller apartment building or separated unit living as you don’t rely on your landlord and you certainly don’t want to hear high heels pounding on the wood floor above you.

  • Verdict: Get as far out as you can without isolating yourself. Find an apartment with off site management and plenty of access to parks. Maybe you can tend the garden for a discount!

This is a guest post from Courtney Lochner. Courtney writes for Glamour Magazine, Société Perrier, Europe From a Backpack Travel Guides, The Budget Fashionista and much more. Based out of Chicago she is is also frequently found in Paris, Krakow or Rio and almost always, with a glass of wine in hand. Follow her @courtneylochner.