Sharing a Deck with Your Neighbors

With the warm summer months in full swing, everyone wants to take advantage of being outside before the cooler weather hits. Fortunately, many apartment dwellers have the luxury of having access to an outdoor deck for dining or relaxing, but often times these spaces are communal. How do you deal with a noisy neighbor's outdoor dinner party or sharing the outdoor furniture? We have some great tips for sharing a deck with your neighbor to make the most of your shared space.

Apartment Deck

  • Be respectful of your neighbors. It’s fun to invite your friends over for an afternoon in the sun or happy hour, but be aware of neighbors who may also want to use the deck. If you’re respectful of your neighbors, chances are they will also be respectful of you.

  •  Create a sense of privacy. If you share a deck with only a few neighbors you can add some privacy to your deck with a simple room divider. With a room divider painted in water-proof paint you and your neighbor can both enjoy the deck at the same time and have your own space.

  •  Build a community with your neighbors. Make the effort to get to know your neighbors and work together by sharing an herb garden in your outdoor space. Everyone can take advantage of cooking delicious summer dishes with the herbs from the garden, and get to know each other better by watering or pruning the garden together.

  •  Create a signup sheet. If you have limited pieces of outdoor furniture, you might want to create a signup sheet or set a time limit on how long you use the space. A signup sheet can make it easier for everyone to have a chance to enjoy the space.

We hope these tips help you enjoy the most out of your communal space this summer.