Six Ways to Use Hooks

When you’re living in an apartment, counter and floor space are often at a premium. For space saving help, look to your walls for storing and showcasing anything from clothes to pots and pans.

Hooks Coat Rack

Here are six simple ideas for ways hooks can help you save space in your apartment:

  1. Coats: If your hall closet is filled to the brim with cleaning supplies, suitcases and those boxes that you don’t want to unpack but can’t  throw away, you may be out of space. Find room on the wall near the front door and hang a few individual hooks meant solely for coats, or get a wall-mounted coat rack that has multiple hooks already attached.

  2. Kitchen linens: Save your kitchen drawers for silverware and baking pans and hang your dish towels and hot pads on hooks. The plastic adhesive kind will do since these items are lightweight – hang one next to the stove for your hot pads, one on the inside of the cupboard door under the sink for dish rags, and more on the side of the fridge or stove for hand towels and aprons.

  3. Accessories: Things like hats and belts are great to have but difficult to hang in a closet or keep organized in a drawer. Hang a few hooks on the inside of your closet door, on the side of your dresser or even above your bed if you want to make your hat collection a focal point of your bedroom décor.

  4. Keys: Always know where your keys are by hanging them on a hook next to the front door. This is a great chance to have fun with your hook – get one in the shape of a heart, bird or fleur de lis, or find one that’s mounted on a picture of an owl, pineapple or vintage travel print.

  5. Towels: Most apartment bathrooms are tight on space, forcing you to hang towels over the shower curtain or door knob. Make this room look tidier with heavy-duty hooks that can support the weight of wet towels, and make sure to put up an extra one for guests.

  6. Plants: If you have a deck, or even if you don’t, plants are a great way to add some life to your abode. Use hooks that hang from the ceiling for viney and grassy plants — outside, hang them from the bottom of the deck above, and inside, try the ceiling above the kitchen table or even in the bedroom. Just be sure you have a ladder or something to stand on for watering, and be careful not to overfill it!

Have you used hooks to save space in your apartment? Leave your best tips in the comments!