Unique Ways to Store Accessories

A jewelry box is what your mom uses to store her accessories, and what you used a child (maybe yours even played music and had a mini dancing ballerina inside). Even though a jewelry box works just fine, these days you may be looking for something a bit more contemporary and … out of the box. Here are a few ideas for ways to store your accessories without dating your modern aesthetic.

Storing Accessories

On the wall: A peg board, bulletin board or a framed square of wire mesh or fabric can make the perfect wall holder for your earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Jazz up the frame with some paint, glitter or decoupage, and hang all your accessories over push pins on a peg board or straight through the mesh or fabric.

In a drawer: Keep your dresser-top free for knick knacks and candles and store your accessories in a top drawer. You can find a plethora of drawer organizers at stores like Bed Bath & Beyond and The Container Store, or make your own out of small bowls, boxes or jars.

On the dresser: Jewelry boxes aren't the only receptacles that can hold your accessories. Antique pill boxes, cigar cases, candle holders and recipe boxes can be used for jewelry instead. Mix and match colors, textures and shapes for a boho chic look.

Hanging around: Regular 3-M or fancier hooks can be attached virtually anywhere to hang necklaces, as well as bigger accessories like belts, hats and purses. Hang them from the closet door, next to the bathroom mirror, or from the side of your dresser to keep them out of the way.

For the guys: The ladies aren't the only ones with accessories. Where do you hang all those baseball hats and ties, and keep your watches and cuff links from getting scratched? Hats can live on a bed post or the knob of a closet door, and a pant hanger makes a good spot for ties too. As for the precious metals, opt for manlier versions of the suggestions above, like tool or tackle boxes.